Foreward: This explanation assumes that you already have uMod / Oxide installed on your Rust server. If you don’t, please see our guide on How to Mod your Rust Server.

Here are a few definitions for words I’ll be mentioning frequently, in context of the Gather Manager plugin

  • Dispenser: An object that gives you resources when hit, like a node, tree, or even corpse.
  • Pickup: An object that gives you resources when the interact key is pressed on it, like plants, tree stumps and little rocks and ore bits that spawn.

Changing your Gather Rate (2x, 3x, 4x, etc.)

  1. Install the Gather Manager plugin, by downloading the files from the uMod page and place the .cs file oxide / plugins directory. If your server is running, this should load the plugin right away. If not, boot up your server!
  2. Set your gather rates. To do this, you’ll use a few console command that I’ll explain
    • dispenser.scale <dispenser:tree|ore|corpse> <multiplier>  – This increases the “scale” of a dispenser, or in other words the total resources that this dispenser drops. For example, a tree with a dispenser scale of 3 will take 3 times as long to harvest, and you’ll end up with 3x the resources than normal.
    • gather.rate <type:dispenser|pickup|quarry|survey> "<resource>" <multiplier>– This increases the rate at which you gather a certain resource from a given source. For the "<resource>" variable, be sure to put the shortname of the resource you want to change.


Traditional 2x, 3x, etc. servers will modify the dispenser scale as well as the gather rate for those dispensers.

For example, to make a 2x server, you will modify the scale of your dispensers with dispenser.scale ore 2, and repeat 2 more times with tree and corpse in place of ore.

Then, you will modify the gather rate for those materials with gather.rate dispenser "stone" 2, and repeat for the other resources like sulfur.ore, metal.ore, hq.metal.ore, wood, and any other resources that you’d like to modify the gather rate of.

Be sure to be thorough in playtesting – oftentimes you’ll think everything is set up only to realize you have a few resources that you missed!