Having a Rust server is great, but what’s the point if you can’t do anything?! In this article I’ll briefly go through how to set yourself as an admin on your Rust server.

Want to give someone else admin privileges? You can follow these same steps, just with their Steam ID!

Set Yourself as an Admin

SteamID I/O, a Steam ID finding tool
  1. Find your 64-bit SteamID. This is easiest to do through a website like SteamID I/O, where you put in the link to your Steam account or sign in through Steam. Copy the SteamID64 to use in a second.
  2. In your server directory, navigate to server / my_server_identity / cfg and open up users.cfg.
  3. In users.cfg, paste in the following line: ownerid {steamid64} "{nickname}" "{label}". Replace {steamid64} with the SteamID64 you have copied, replace {nickname} with a nickname (steam username maybe?), and replace {label} with a label, like Owner, Admin, Co-Owner, etc.
  4. Reboot your server (if it’s not already down). Once it boots back up, if you have everything in correctly you should be an admin! This gives you access to all server commands from the in-game console, as well as item and entity spawning privileges!

Congrats, you’re an Admin! 👨‍💻